USA Might Cut off Financial Aid to Egypt in Case of Coup

martes, 02 de julio de 2013

02 de julio de 2013, 18:10Washington, July 2 (Prensa Latina) The US government notified the Egyptian Armed Forces that it will cut off financial assistance to Egypt if they stage a coup against President Mohamed Morsi, who refuses to resign despite angry peopleâ�Ös protests.

White House officials told the CNN that Egypt will stop getting some $1.50 billion USD yearly in case a coup is staged.

Washington issued the warning because the Egyptian army gave a 48-hour ultimatum to Morsi and opposition political forces to pay attention to the peopleâ�Ös demands and mend their fences.

The military made the call in the wake of a week of violent clashes between the presidentsâ�Ö opponents and followers, resulting in 16 deaths and at least 700 wounded in northern cities and Beni Suef, in the south.

They said that if no agreement is reached, they will present their own « road map » for the countryâ�Ös political future, with the involvement of all sectors of society, mainly the youth, though they made clear that a coup is against their doctrine.

But Morsi said he would remain in his post, though eight members of his Cabinet resigned last week.

The United States warned US citizens last week against travelling to Syria on the grounds of « political and social instability » and deployed 400 troops in the Israeli border under the argument to keep security and face eventual violent protests in the Sinai Peninsula.


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USA Might Cut off Financial Aid to Egypt in Case of Coup

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