Executives Criticize Hiring In Cuba Agriculture

Executives Criticize Hiring In Cuba Agriculture20 de julio de 2013, 12:35Havana, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) The imposition of clauses in conclusion of contracts of sales with producers, is among the shortcoming remaining today in Cuban agriculture, despite of the progresses in that field, agreed several executives.

Marketing Director of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), Jose Puente, and specialists Teresa Suarez and Jose Padron, reported to the press details of Circular 01 of 2013, of that body, which established the steps for these negotiations are carried out properly.

As explained, the document establishes the policy and procedures of contract of agricultural and forestry production for 2014, and refers a group of inadequacies detected in those contracts made for this year.

Among these are also mentioned cases of cooperatives that do follow an adequate contract with its counterpart and others who adopt without reconciliation with demand.

Puentes explained that cooperatives and other agricultural entities can hire 52 percent of what is produced, and sell the rest to anyone, but stressed the need to meet contractual commitments.

Also, the outlets will be managed by the production bases with the use of their own labor force and could also be owned by farmers of the entity.

The guideline 10 of the economic and social policy of the country, noted that relations between the companies, budgeted units and non-state forms of management shall be endorsed by contracts.

That guideline established that is necessary quality of the negiotiation process, drafting, signing and execution, claims and enforcement of those agreements.


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Executives Criticize Hiring In Cuba Agriculture

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