Brazilian President Urges to Wipe Out Inequalities

31 de julio de 2013, 18:19Sao Paulo, July 31 (Prensa Latina) President Dilma Rousseff urged today to wipe out inequalities while she announced an investment worth four million USD to improve transportation, housing, water and sewage services in this city.

The improvement of these sectors will have a positive impact on the living conditions of the population in Sao Paulo, said Rousseff as she highlighted the importance of allocating resources to the development of social sectors.

She said the investment in urban transportation guarantees an increase in the movement of most of the people, who live on the outskirts of this city of 11 million inhabitants, with 55 percent using public transportation.

Therefore, this sector has to be developed, as it is of great social and economic significance, she noted.

Of the four million USD, $1,500 million USD will be allocated to improve urban mobility, another $700 million to sewage works and $1,100 million to recover springs and other water supply sources, she said.

Another $750 million USD will be allocated to the construction of 15,000 houses for low-income Brazilians, she said.

Rousseffâ�Ös announcement of this investment in social sectors comes a day after this city, the countryâ�Ös economic and financial capital, faced a new day of protests that ended up in vandalistic acts.

Sao Paulo was also the scene of peopleâ�Ös protests in June, demanding lower transport tariffs and better health care services and education.


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Brazilian President Urges to Wipe Out Inequalities

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