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Laos, Japan Associate To Produce Charcoal

Laos, Japan Associate to Produce Charcoal

Escrito por Juan M. Garcia   
domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Imagen activa11 de agosto de 2013, 00:10Vientiane, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) Laos and Japan associated to produce charcoal in the next few years, using an environmentally-friendly technology, local media reported.

The minister for Natural Resources of Laos, Noulin Sinbandith, and Japanese Ambassador Junko Yolota signed the bilateral agreement on a Joint Credit Mechanism to implement a mutually-beneficial project.

Noulin noted that the agreement adjusts to the terms of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, in tune with the policy to reduce greenhouse gases.

She added that the accord will contribute to improving the technical staff’s knowledge and capacities, as a result of training courses taught by Japanese experts on the use of the appropriate technologies, and will foster relations between the two countries.

The future exploitation of the rich forestry resources of Laos will be based on the sustainable preservation and administration of such resources.

Japan has created similar associations with Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, the Maldives and Vietnam.


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Laos, Japan Associate to Produce Charcoal

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