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Panamanian Teachers Respond To Martinelli"s Threat With Strike

Panamanian Teachers Respond to Martinelli"s Threat With Strike

Escrito por Ana Luisa Brown   
domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Imagen activa18 de agosto de 2013, 11:56Panama, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) Panamanian teachers responded to the threat of President Ricardo Martinelli and his Education Minister, Lucy Molinar, of punishing strikers, with an indefinite strike which will begin tomorrow.

Leaders of the seven unions on strike since July 30 ensure that more than 40 000 teachers threatened with dismissals formulated by the president and the Minister take part in the meassure.

The Board of the Association of Teachers of Panama (ASOPROF) run by the fired teacher Andres Rodriguez announced the strike so he asked parents not to send their children to school as they can not be served.

Educators require the signing of an agreement in which the Ministry committeed itself not to take represals agaitsn the fighting teachers, Rodriguez reinstatement as an educator, cessation of blackmail and persecution campaign, stop to humiliation against educators and privatization policy.


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Panamanian Teachers Respond to Martinelli"s Threat With Strike

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