Limited Editions and Extra Piramids, new Cuban Cigar Bands

27 de julio de 2013, 12:36Havana, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) As a distinctive feature of the Cuban tobacco industry, authorities of that sector launched today two new high quality products, particularly aimed at specialists, « Las Ediciones Limitadas 2013 » (Limited Editions) and « Piramides Extra » (Extra Pyramids).

An official report said that 2013 Limited Editions are led by Hoyo de Monterrey brand , one of the most important products of Habanos S.A international corporation distributor of Cuban Premium cigars in more than 150 countries.

The report says that Limited Editions are eagerly awaited every year by those who are keen of Cuban cigars and are known by their cigar bands which are not usually present in that brand range of products and which main feature is the careful selection of tobacco leaves for its manufacture.

It also highlights that there will be 3 brands for 2013 Limited Editions: « Romeo y Julieta » (Romeo and Juliet), Punch and « Hoyo de Monterrey » (Monterrey Hole), the latter is reported as the first in reaching the sale points and Casas del Habano ( Habano Houses).

Another product will be the « Cohiba Piramides Extra » (Extra Pyramid Cohiba) that will be presented in a wooden box of 10 units and belongs to one of the Cuban emblematic brands, the first created after 1959 (in 1966).

Cohiba Piramides Extra includes the first tube in the « Linea Clasica de Cohiba » (Cohiba Classic Line).

The new tube in Cohiba Classic Line joins those of « Linea 1492 » (1492 Line), « Siglo I a Siglo VI » (1st Century to 6th Century) and it adds new features for the design and the security.

Extra Pyramid cigar brand has a middle strong taste, a feature of the Classic Line.


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Capital Cuts Affect Legal Defense of Poor People in the U.S.

24 de julio de 2013, 12:38Washington, Jul 24 (Prensa Latina) The budget cuts decreed by the U.S. government are affecting the legal defense of poor families in the country, according to a human rights organization.

A guild of lawyers in Virginia, called the Federal Public Defender (FPD), warned the U.S. Congress that the shortage of money is causing excessive delays and lack of professionalism in trials, and the situation might worsen in 2014.

According to FDP spokesperson Michael Nachmanoff, the organization is on the verge of collapse and total incapacity, although restrictive financial measures have been taken over the past three months.

The effects of the embargo on state capital are affecting the federal judiciary system, especially the legal procedures involving low-income people, said Nachmanoff.

The Federal Public Defender has been affected by a 10-percent money reduction since March, when Washington decreed a general cut in budgets and subsidies worth 85 billion dollars.

About four of every ten U.S. citizens have been affected by the embargo of capital degreed by Washington in an effort to balance the federal budget.

According to a survey jointly carried out by ABC News and The Washington Post, national discontent is increasing due to the White House’s measure; 59 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of independent voters have criticized the action.

A previous poll by CBS news had predicted that 27 percent of U.S. people would be affected, while another survey by ABC and the Huffington Post foresaw that the impact would affect up to 25 percent.

The budget freezing will eliminate 750,000 jobs and will slow down industrial growth by 0.6 percent by the year’s end.

In addition, nearly four million unemployed will have their subsidies reduced, and state payments to hospitals and physicians might be cut by 10,000 dollars.


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Executives Criticize Hiring In Cuba Agriculture

Executives Criticize Hiring In Cuba Agriculture20 de julio de 2013, 12:35Havana, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) The imposition of clauses in conclusion of contracts of sales with producers, is among the shortcoming remaining today in Cuban agriculture, despite of the progresses in that field, agreed several executives.

Marketing Director of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), Jose Puente, and specialists Teresa Suarez and Jose Padron, reported to the press details of Circular 01 of 2013, of that body, which established the steps for these negotiations are carried out properly.

As explained, the document establishes the policy and procedures of contract of agricultural and forestry production for 2014, and refers a group of inadequacies detected in those contracts made for this year.

Among these are also mentioned cases of cooperatives that do follow an adequate contract with its counterpart and others who adopt without reconciliation with demand.

Puentes explained that cooperatives and other agricultural entities can hire 52 percent of what is produced, and sell the rest to anyone, but stressed the need to meet contractual commitments.

Also, the outlets will be managed by the production bases with the use of their own labor force and could also be owned by farmers of the entity.

The guideline 10 of the economic and social policy of the country, noted that relations between the companies, budgeted units and non-state forms of management shall be endorsed by contracts.

That guideline established that is necessary quality of the negiotiation process, drafting, signing and execution, claims and enforcement of those agreements.


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Colombia Among the Most Corrupt Countries, Survey Says

miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

17 de julio de 2013, 00:04Bogota, Jul 17 (Prensa Latina) Colombia is among the countries with the highest rate of corruption in the world, according to a report of the NGO Transparency International (TI) released here.

According to the Global Corruption Barometer 2013, Colombia was placed 5th among the seven countries whose citizens realize that Congress is one of the most corrupt public bodies.

In this regard, 79 percent of those polled consider that the legislative branch is corrupt and 71 percent have the same opinion about the bureaucracy.

Moreover, 64 percent think corruption is also evident in the judiciary, in a spectrum ranging from judges to other court officials.

About 19 percent of respondents even admitted that they or someone in their immediate family had bribed a justice official in the last 12 months.

According to expert Armando Montero, another worrying fact is that 61 percent of respondents feel that the police have a high rate of corruption.

Regarding the government management to address this problem, 30 percent of respondents said the government is doing very little.

Founded in 1993 and based in Berlin, Germany, the IT has 100 branches and operates in 70 countries.


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Caribbean Demands Compensations from Ex-Colonial Powers

viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

12 de julio de 2013, 19:07Basseterre, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) The decision of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) of shaping up commission to demand compensations from former colonial countries, for the genocide of the indigenous population and slavery has found support in the region today.

The Rastafarian group Kalonje supported the idea, saying that it would give more importance to the demands from the inhabitants of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Jamaican Legislator Mike Henry told the radio station WINN FM that the stance shown by the decision strengthens the region in that reference, because a common stance has been assumed.

However, the also activist showed concern about the possibility that the issue could become swamped by the discussions in the Community.

During the 34th summit of the organization, held on July 3-6 in Trinidad and Tobago, they gave green light to shaping up a national group in every state, the president of which would occupy a seat in the regional commission.

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Baldwin Spencer asserted that slavery and colonialism in the Caribbean deteriorated seriously the development options in the area.


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European Union Approves Latvia Entry to Eurozone

miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

10 de julio de 2013, 00:08Brussels, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) The European Union (EU) approved today the entry of Latvia to the eurozone, something that will become a reality in January, 2014, when this country assumes the single currency.

The decision was signed by the ministers of Finances of the regional bloc, who also certified a group of legal regulations to allow entry of the country number 18 of the eurozone.

According to the EU authorities, this nation of two million inhabitants complies with the requirements of the Treaty of Maastricht, making possible its entry to the eurozone, after around five years of negotiations.

In this respect, Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis asserted that his country’s adherence to the eurozone is good news, not only to the nation, but also to Europe.

Latvian Finance Minister Andris Vilkis said this day is a symbolic date.

« We will continue moving forwardÂ� because we know how important is the objective met today, » he said.


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President Raul Castro Attends Cuban Parliament Session

Escrito por Ana Julia Suarez Cruz   
sábado, 06 de julio de 2013

Imagen activa06 de julio de 2013, 09:56Havana, Jul 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Raul Castro attends the opening session of the 8th legislature of the Cuban People’s Power National Assembly, which began in this capital today.

The National Assembly will session Saturday and Sunday with an agenda focused on the reforms that being carried out for updating the Cuban economic model, aimed at building a prosperous and sustainable socialism.

Parliamentarians will also discuss the passing of the Draft Law of Maritime, River and Lake Navigation, as well as the 2012 state budget report.

The implementation of an economy plan in the first semester of this year will be discussed as well.


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USA Might Cut off Financial Aid to Egypt in Case of Coup

martes, 02 de julio de 2013

02 de julio de 2013, 18:10Washington, July 2 (Prensa Latina) The US government notified the Egyptian Armed Forces that it will cut off financial assistance to Egypt if they stage a coup against President Mohamed Morsi, who refuses to resign despite angry peopleâ�Ös protests.

White House officials told the CNN that Egypt will stop getting some $1.50 billion USD yearly in case a coup is staged.

Washington issued the warning because the Egyptian army gave a 48-hour ultimatum to Morsi and opposition political forces to pay attention to the peopleâ�Ös demands and mend their fences.

The military made the call in the wake of a week of violent clashes between the presidentsâ�Ö opponents and followers, resulting in 16 deaths and at least 700 wounded in northern cities and Beni Suef, in the south.

They said that if no agreement is reached, they will present their own « road map » for the countryâ�Ös political future, with the involvement of all sectors of society, mainly the youth, though they made clear that a coup is against their doctrine.

But Morsi said he would remain in his post, though eight members of his Cabinet resigned last week.

The United States warned US citizens last week against travelling to Syria on the grounds of « political and social instability » and deployed 400 troops in the Israeli border under the argument to keep security and face eventual violent protests in the Sinai Peninsula.


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